Our People

Consistently deliver. Continuously improve.

At Graycor, we are honored to have a growing, dynamic team that helps us remain stable and ahead of the curve. Our dedication to our people and building trust has enabled us to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, our partners, and each other.

We are family. This is why we have an intense commitment to safety. We want to make sure that every member of our Graycor family goes home each day to theirs. Our family-owned company also sponsors wellness and charitable events, casual employee get-togethers, lunch and learns, and other fun social events.

Tim Hanifin


Scott Skala

Vice President, Operations

John Shannon

Business Development Manager

Rob Cote, CSP

Director of Safety

Rusty Martin

General Manager, Southwest

Jyot Parmar

General Manager, Southeast

John Schaefer

Director Capital Investment

Shawn Anderton

Vice President & General Manager, Western U.S. Operations

John Trussell

Operations Manager

Darryl Thornton

Business Development Manager

John Paul White

Safety Director

Todd Patterson


Brian Simpson

Project Director

Rich Hogan


Dave Wing

President & COO, Graycor Inc.

Brett Walsh

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Shared Services

Michelle Palys

Vice President, Performance Excellence and ESG

Bill Wood

Vice President, Corporate Counsel & Risk Management

Brian Gallagher

Vice President, Corporate Development


Everything we do begins with teamwork.

At Graycor, we invest in the welfare and professional growth of our people. We place greater value on partnerships over profit, and we operate within a set of core values that frame our strategy and culture, including maintaining a long-term perspective, upholding integrity and honesty, demonstrating safety leadership, emphasizing relationships, creating value, striving for continuous improvement, and achieving a healthy balance of work and family life. At Graycor, we’re building something more.