Safety & Quality


Safety for one is safety for all.

At Graycor, safety is not just a policy but a key part of our culture. As a family-owned and -operated company, it strikes to our core – each one of us is essential. Our health, our safety and the quality of our worksites is priority one.

Protecting people means perfecting the environments in which they work.

We believe errors are avoidable because our teams have accomplished major self-performance projects without a single injury. Our “Zero Injury” goal is the challenge every one of us aims to achieve every time we set foot on site.

Our safety culture

To ensure that this goal stays top of mind, we have established leading indicator metrics to enable every manager to evaluate the safety of their work sites. In addition, the entire executive team personally conducts on-site audits every month.

Graycor is also Gold Shovel Standard-certified.

Zero Injuries

"Nothing is more important than safety...not production, not sales, not profits."

-Mel Gray, Non-Executive Chairman


Consistently Deliver. Continuously Improve.

For many, quality is a given, a requisite to working in the construction industry. This may be true. But to challenge ourselves, we like to set the bar higher than expected.

We also maintain intensive employee training, team-building relationships with key clients, sophisticated project management systems and stringent safety programs backed by a dedicated safety staff.

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