Lemont, Illinois


Client / Owner

PDV Midwest Refining, LLC

Architect / Engineer

Valdes Engineering Company




Graycor Construction

Project Scope

Graycor completed an environmental and yield improvement project for refiner CITGO in Lemont, Illinois. The project included foundations for environmental upgrade equipment, as well as repairing 35-dike containment systems for tanks throughout the refinery.

Graycor also completed additional projects at the Lemont facility including a mechanical project, work on the BOC hydrogen plant, erection of structural steel for air cooler reactor and debutanizer process equipment; and most recently, a Design-Build operations and engineering building. The 42,000-square-foot, 2-story building, which serves as the refinery’s command center, is built to withstand impact up to 2 psi (pounds per square inch) and houses a catastrophe-secure control room equipped with emergency air breathing support and fire suppression systems.

CITGO’s refineries, which transform raw energy (in the form of crude oil) into energy products, produce a wide range of conventional and reformulated gasolines. Their refineries produce 117 million barrels of gasoline, 61 million barrels of distillates and 25 million barrels of jet fuel per year. CITGO owns or operates deep conversion refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Illinois. Taking into account CITGO’s parent company, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), and its participation in several joint ventures, the refiner has an effective refining capacity of more than 1.1 million barrels per day.