Mooresboro, North Carolina

Duke Energy Cliffside Station U5 SFC Project 2018

Client / Owner

Duke Energy




Graycor Southern

Project Scope

Graycor Southern recently completed a project for Duke Energy’s Cliffside Station. The project included the demolition of existing ash hoppers and ash sluicing equipment; installation of a new under boiler SFC and inclined conveyor section to a new ash bunker; installation of new service piping to SFC and ancillary equipment along with electrical power and controls. Electrical installation included the installation of a new 600V MCC, power and control cables for the new hydraulic drive unit for the SFC, pumps, heat trace, and all lighting and receptacles.

Cliffside Steam Station U5 Dual Fuel Burner Installation

Mooresboro, North Carolina

Cliffside Steam Station U6 SCR Catalyst Replacement

Mooresboro, North Carolina