East Chicago, Indiana

Flare Gas Capture & Mechanical Boiler Installation

Client / Owner


Architect / Engineer

Burns & McDonnell




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Graycor Industrial installed mechanical components for ArcelorMittal’s new 504 boiler, which burns excess blast furnace gas and generating steam for an existing steam turbine generator. Installation included an economizer, air heater and support steel, air, gas and flue gas recirculation ductwork, and installation of a 315-foot-tall stack. Installation also included ASME and ANSI B31.1 piping systems, including attemperator water, blast furnace gas, blow-down, boiler feed water, chemical feed, compressed air, condensate, floor sump discharge, natural gas, nitrogen, gland seal water, secondary cooling water, service water, high-, medium- and low-pressure steam, and treated water. Graycor included all necessary NDE, pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment.

Major equipment included: Boiler designed and furnished by INDECK Keystone Energy; ID, FD and FGR fans furnished by INDECK Keystone Energy; and Graycor furnished fabricated piping spools, designed by Burns & McDonnell.