Lemont, Illinois

Lemont Refinery Projects

Client / Owner

CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Architect / Engineer

Fluor Daniel lllinois, Inc.; Thomas A. Buchar & Associates




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Graycor Industrial has performed numerous projects at CITGO Petroleum Corp.’s Lemont, Illinois, refinery plant. The projects consisted of erecting fireproof structural steel for a new process pipe rack; revising the existing north/south process pipe rack in the refinery’s operations area; installing a compressor with associated equipment and structural steel; and performing vessel and duct installations at the process hydrogen generating plant. Additional projects included installing conveyor systems, erecting a baghouse and repairing 35 dike containment systems for tanks throughout the refinery.

Graycor’s most recent project was the design-build construction of a new 42,000-square-foot, two-story operations/control building that required GSA Level 1 protection using 12-inch-thick Dukane precast with an additional structure frame anchored to bedrock. The structure, which contains an encapsulated and sealed control room and an emergency breathing air system, is designed to allow personnel to control the refinery in the event of an explosion. Self-perform work included concrete, steel erection and finishes.

Graycor performed these projects while working in confined and congested work areas, under an aggressive schedule and adhering to stringent Oil Refinery Safety standards. All portions of the work were given restricted access and demanded close coordination between operations personnel and tradesmen. The projects were completed with zero recordable incidents.