Warren, Ohio

No. 4 Coke Battery Rehabilitation

Client / Owner





Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

ArcelorMittal Warren underwent a rehabilitation of its No. 4 Battery. The coke plant, built in 1979 and located in Warren, Ohio, converts coal into metallurgical-grade coke and has the capacity to produce 550,000 tons of coke per year.

Graycor Industrial’s portion of the overall rehab project involved repairing 27 oven walls which included two coke battery through-walls and 25 end flues, four flues deep, on the battery’s coke and pusher sides.

In addition, the project which began in mid-June 2015 called for performing demolition down to the third tier to replace gun blocks on ends, and down to the tenth tier of the existing oven floor.

Work also entailed repairing checkers, rebuilding regenerator faces, replacing the buckstays, tie-rods and repairing end flue brick, as well as demolishing and re-bricking two courses of pavers on the battery top including charge and inspection holes.

By late May 2016, the project reached completion, under budget and ahead of schedule.

ArcelorMittal—the world’s largest steel and mining company—established strict safety practices that ensured the work could be performed in a safe manner given the complexity of the repairs while working on a operating battery.

Self-performing the refractory and structural steel work, Graycor’s team worked a total of 128,000 worker hours with no safety recordable incidents.

In recognition of its stellar safety, the project received the Zero Injury Safety Award (ZISA) in October 2016.

The project was a success on many impactful levels. Graycor’s team performed the work safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, enabling the owner to continue its normal coke production sooner than expected.

In the past, Graycor Industrial has provided services for coke battery work at other ArcelorMittal plants.