Hammond, Indiana

Plant Restoration Project

Client / Owner

Jupiter Aluminum Corporation

Architect / Engineer

SSOE, Inc.




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Jupiter Aluminum Corp., an aluminum mill and provider of mill finishes and painted coils, experienced a major fire that shut down its 100-year-old facility in Hammond, Ind. Jupiter immediately contracted Graycor Industrial to stabilize the building and remove all hazards in order for inspections to begin. Graycor was then released to demolish the structure and prepare the area for rebuilding.

The project consisted of reconstructing the entire plant: Caster, Hot Mill and Cold Mill facilities, as well as the Main Crane building, which now accommodates two 60-ton cranes and one 30-ton overhead crane.

Along with engineering firm SSOE, Graycor Industrial completed the project on a fast-track schedule in order to get the plant up and running as soon as possible. Working on an accelerated schedule of seven days a week, 12 hours a day, the team began construction – during which time Jupiter was able to begin limited production – and achieved substantial completion five months later, enabling Jupiter to return to full production. To keep the project on schedule, three building structures were pre-engineered and assembled simultaneous to construction of two conventional buildings and other mechanical, electrical and masonry work being performed.