Middletown, Ohio

Stove Refractory Installation and Mechanical Tie-in

Client / Owner

AK Steel Corporation




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

At AK Steel’s No. 3 Blast Furnace, No. 2 stove, Graycor Industrial installed internal refractories, as well as checker refractory support columns and girds. Project also involved performing No. 2 stove tie-in including stove gas ductwork, stove combustion air ductwork, main stove valves ignition burner system, mist eliminator, combustion air fan and housing, small bore piping, hydraulic system upgrades, and structural access platforms.

Graycor’s team was able to work in four separate areas of the stove simultaneously by using overhead protection and floating scaffolds that could be moved independently.

Self-performed work included all refractory, labor, carpentry, operator, ironwork and pipefitter work. Boilermaker and electrical work was subcontracted.